Poonam Mahajan

Member of Parliament,North-Central Mumbai

National President-BJYM

poonam Mahajan

Poonam Mahajan

Member of Parliament,North-Central Mumbai

National President-BJYM

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हिमालयाच्या छत्रछायेत

बापजी गेले. आज पुन्हा एकदा माझ्या डोक्यावरचे वडिलांचे छत्र हरपले. निव्वळ अवर्णनीय दु:खाचा दुसरा आघात

Utkarshachi Ugavel Pahat

Rebooting the city of dreams

Mumbai Next summit, a platform for exchanging ideas, was organised by the state government of Maharashtra in collaboration with Mumbai First foundation supported by the Union Ministry of Finance,  on the February 6, 2015. It was a unique

India’s Daughter: Ban Those People With a Repulsive Mindset

Her name means light, which faded away because of the torture and suffering inflicted by her perpetrators. The heinous act ignited impassioned pleas for women’s safety across the whole country. The recent furore over an interview of the rape convict in the Nirbhaya

Internet democratisation is my birth right, and I shall have it

Circa 2012 – Airtel’s tagline “Jo tera hai woh mera hai” successfully resonated with all the youngsters who enjoyed in sharing happiness and sorrows with their friends. This earned the brand plaudits and goodwill among the

Mera Gaon Mera Desh

Last year on August 15,  Narendra Modi, the first ever Prime Minister to be born after Independence gave a historic speech at the Red Fort, one that left the entire country engulfed in a sense of euphoria. The speech still continues to

For MPs, No Work, No Pay is Deserved

The recent logjam in the Indian Parliament has sprung up a dozen of important questions in the air. Is naming a Member or mere suspension of an errant Member from the House enough to ensure the smooth functioning of the House? Is there a better way to resolve the

What Modi Managed in 48 Hours in UAE

On August 15, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was speaking to the teeming millions about our country’s glorious progress after independence, a few hundred miles away, across the LoC, ceasefire violations by Pakistan killed six people. The security of the people is

Why we must strive to host Youth Olympic Games in India

Last week in Parliament during the zero hour intervention, I urged the government to bid for the Youth Olympic Games in 2022. Much to my surprise, I was greeted with criticisms by citizens on social media expressing their apprehensions and

Yes, We Care About Shaktiman, The Horse. That’s Not Enough.

Horses are friendly and wonderful animals. People have for years written about their loyalty, amazing memories and good sense – from our Chetak to Black Beauty to more recently the movie War Horse. The country today is distressed over what has happened to

The difference between dissent and disintegration.

There is a fine line between dissent and disintegration. Societies that are aware of this maxim prosper and those societies that dilute it inevitably disintegrate. Freedom of thought and expression has once again become a focal point due to recent events at Ramjas